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SRHN Solar Water Heater

SRHN is the ultimate solar thermal solution. High efficiency ratings, long life and reduced carbon emissions are just a few things that make it an irresistible choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. The time has never been better to invest in renewable energy.


  • Provides up to 60% of the energy needed for water heating directly from the sun*

  • Energy saving heat pump technology can reduce operating costs by more than 60%
  • Patented Blue Diamond® spherical heat exchanger for optimal heat absorption and efficiency

  • Heat exchangers contain a vacuum for greater heat absorption

  • Can be installed on a flat or sloping roof

  • Patented Blue Diamond® tank glass coating – Provides superior corrosion resistance compared to industry-standard glass lining

  • Long lasting patented Blue Diamond® coated backup heating element – Designed to operate more efficiently and last 2-3 times longer than standard heating elements

  • Thick, “Environmentally-friendly” non-CFC foam insulation reduces standby heat loss

  • 5 year warranty on tank – the longest tank warranty in Singapore

  • 3 year warranty on parts, inclusive of labour – the longest component warranty in Singapore

*Dependent on regional sun intensity

SRHN Solar Water Heater Specifications